Modular Cleanrooms

In Modular Clean Rooms the Wall and Ceiling Panels are designed in such a way that they do not shed particles, contaminant/dust collection is minimum and cleaning is easier.  In Conventional Clean Rooms Wall has to be smoothened with Putty and fully coated with Epoxy/PU to make it non-shedding and impervious. False Ceiling has to be made of rigid material and suspended from the RCC roof and made air tight, so that the positive pressure in the room does not bring down the particles above the False Ceiling. All 90deg. joints between wall-wall, wall-floor & wall-ceiling are rounded off with masonary Coving or Epoxy Coving to facilitate cleaning. Floor should be seamless, without joints with smooth finish. Poured Epoxy or PVC floor with welded joints is preferred.

Operation theater

Technolgically advanced Modular Operation Theatres complete with Modular Wall and Ceiling Panels, Clean Room Light Fittings, Extruded aluminium covings, epoxy floor, Laminar Flow Unit (On-line and Offline), HVAC system with Air Handling Unit, Air Distribution in insulated Ducts, filtration, Temperature control, Class 1000 & Class 10000 conditions, Class 100 Uniform downflow Laminar Air flow, Validation, Calibration.  We also undertake HVAC work or Interior works for OT independently or as a Turnkey job. We have installed and upgraded over 20 Operation Theatres at CMC Vellore apart from other installations all over South India. We undertake AMC for all our Installations. We have more than 400 Clean Rooms and HEPA filtrations systems under AMC in Tamilnadu and Kerala alone. We have a dedicated team of Engineers to take care of all your Service needs with all Instruments and Tools

HVAC Systems

Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) play an important role in the manufacture of quality pharmaceutical products and the design of the HVAC system should be considered at the concept stage of a pharmaceutical plant. The HVAC system supplies conditioned air to coveted areas of indoor surroundings to stimulate and maintain required  Temperature  Humidity  Pressure  Air-purity  Cross-contamination. With our in-house design and engineering teams, we meet strict requirements with respect to USFDA209EEU–cGMUK–MHR ATGA cGMP / WHO standards Air Handling Units Airtech’s Double Skin Air Handling Units  are one of the most versatile and premium products in HVAC. Air Handling Units play an important role in overall performance of the HVAC system. In view of all theoretical and practical problems, Airtech has developed double skin units suitable for multiple applications. Self-supporting extruded aluminum framework with injected PUF insulated panels provide strength and rigidity. The major components of a HVAC systems are : AHUs range from 500 CFM to 50000 CFM. The base unit consists of fan section, coil section, filter section and mixing box. Pre Fabricated Ducts, Air Distribution Products like  Terminal Hepa Box, Mini pleat, Hepa Filters, Clean Room Risers, Preforated Grills,  Four Way Diffuser ,  Swirl Diffuser. WaterCooled & AirCooled Chillers. Double Skin Air Handling Units are hooked up with Air/ Water Cooled Chillers by using M.S. / U PVC Piping with set of 3-way mixing valves, butterfly valves, strainers, pump sets, cooling towers, etc. Chillers are available in various tonnage ranging from 25 TR to 1000 TR in different combinations. Air and Water Cooled Chillers are used depending upon various applications. DX Condensing Units DX Air Cooled Condensing Units ( Outdoor Units ) Double Skin Air Handling Units are hooked up with outdoor DX condensing units using interconnecting copper piping and various valves to control of flow of refrigerant gas. DX units are available in various tonnage ranging from 1.5 TR to 34 TR in different combinations.

Interiors and Finishes

  1. Wall Partition System [Progressive / Non-Progressive Type]

InnoClean  modular wall panels are made of Double Skin Panels of PCGI ( Pre – coated or Powder Coated Gl) with inner & outer skin of 0.6 to 0.8 mm as standard thickness. The wall panels are of 1200mm, 1000mm & 900mm as standard width. Panel thickness varies from 50mm / 60mm / 80mm / 100mm with provision for PVC conduits for electrical cables. Panels of 80mm/100mm are specially designed to carry return Air Ducts / Built in Risers. Panel height can be adjusted to 5000mm with provision for stackable panels.

2. Modular Ceiling Panels

InnoClean modular ceiling panels are made up of 50mm / 60mm thickness depending upon the type of application. Ceiling panels are mounted with specially designed suspension members and linkages for every application. Walkable & Non-Walkable ceiling panels are made as per the client’s requirement with specially designed stiffening systems for walkable load bearing ceilings.

 3. Clean Room Finishes

InnoClean provides premium hygienic flooring solutions that are vital for achieving high quality production process and to withstand the severe cleaning regiment typical pharmaceutical manufacturing. Epoxy Flooring, PU Flooring, PVC Vinyl Flooring.

 4. Covings

All the internal & external corners of modular wall panel systems are coved with aluminium covings having special Male & Female profiles with locking system and are fixed from wall panel to floor, ceiling panel to wall panel and wall to wall panel.